Catching the train to the beach

Portugal 709

it isn’t often that you can catch the train directly to the beach, but a short distance from Santa Luzia overlooking the Ilha de Tavira that is exactly what you can do to get to the Praia do Barril.  We visited on a rather grey winter’s day but even so it was still a lovely place to be and the collection of anchors on the beach quite haunting.  Must admit the train was great fun, and well worth the couple of Euros.

Portugal 702

It is a short trip on the narrow gauge railway, or you can walk if you prefer, to a deserted village.  Even out of season there was a steady flow of walkers and people on the train, and the train driver was having great success fishing off the pontoon bridge in-between journeys.

Portugal 715

The village was once a seasonal home to Tuna fisherman and their families, the last working usage as a ‘Tuna Fishing Station’ was apparently in the 1960s.  This small collection of tiny homes now hosts a museum, cafe and facilities.

Portugal 705

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