The delights of Parque Eduardo VII

This is my fifth post on the park at the end of the 1km long Avenida da Liberdade, and I am sure it won’t be my last as Parque Eduardo VII is a rather wonderful place to while away a few hours. If it happens to be a rainy morning or more likely hot afternoon then our advice is to head for the recently refurbished Pavilhão Carlos Lopes. There is a excellent permanent exhibition on Carlos Lopes here as well as a rather wonderful ‘inbuilt’ display of the work of José António Jorge Pinto.

Pinto was a painter in the 19th and 20th centuries, and unsurprisingly I guess for a Portuguese artist at this time he was also a ceramic painter. He was noted in particular for his Art Deco creations, and much of his work can be found on the outside of kiosks in Lisbon. I can’t recall photographing any of the kiosks, however I do have quite a few of the commission he undertook for the 1922-23 World Expo.Watermills

Portugal created a stunning pavilion to show-off their Portuguese industries, which included of course azulejos. Pinto’s work inside the pavilion is huge filling two large galleries and the entrance hall. Interestingly they didn’t ask him to create what he is now known for – Art Deco – instead all of the panels depict scenes of everyday Portuguese life. They are however still incredibly beautiful and interesting. We thoroughly enjoyed the hour or so we spent here.

Art and exhibitions are not the only delights that you will find here though. There are numerous paths to stroll along, play areas for children, fabulous views, three enormous greenhouses and if you are looking for a coffee or ice-cream afterwards there is a lovely cafe right at the top.view from the cafe

You may recall when we first discovered Parque Eduardo VII we walked here from our apartment and you could easily do the same from downtown Lisbon. It is even Close up of the aqueductwithin easy walking distance of Lisbon’s extraordinary aqueduct, something you may have spotted Pinto included within his creation. Most visitors however prefer to arrive by public transport as the park occupies an area of 26 hectares, so it is a rather large area to explore once you are here! There are bus stops and the metro at the foot of the park at the Marquês de Pombal, alternatively you can start your explorations at the top from São Sebastião or be like the Grand Old Duke of York and begin halfway from Parque!

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