Not your typical Algarvian house

Must admit I am struggling a little bit with writing posts for the blog this month what with still being in England, a daily post challenge on my other blog, Christmas preparations and my voluntary work. And I’ve not even got my head around packing for our winter sojourn yet. However when I spotted Cee’s Black & White Challenge last week, I decided I really needed to make some time and take part with one of my favourite houses in the Algarve.

House for Cee
 Palácio de Estoi

Palácio de Estoi is certainly not your average 19th century house in the Algarve! This is the first time I have looked at it in black and white, and it seems to me it is just as extraordinary and as beautiful in these shades as it is in its usual pink.

The palace is now a ‘pousada’, which once was the term for a hotel in Portugal owned and administered by the government. However ‘Pousadas de Portugal’ to which the Palácio de Estoi belongs, is now run by the Pestana group.

Prior to becoming a hotel a few years ago it was a ruin, but before that it was a family home which is why I am hoping Cee won’t mind me including it in her black and white house challenge this week. If you would like to know more about its history or are intrigued as to what it looks like in all its technicolor glory then do visit one of my previous posts. Here are a just a few of the ones I have written on the palace:

PS Did you spot that I have sneaked in a SquareSky

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    1. oh wow! How marvellous, do let me know what it is like to stay there. The views from the bedrooms looking fabulous.

  1. Not only did I enjoy your lovely photographs but I learned something, too. I didn’t know that the Pousadas were no longer run by the Government so that is an interesting bit of news. I first stayed in them in the sixties,k in the one in Sagres, and I thought I’d never seen such luxury before (well, we’d been camping and finding cheapo hotels until then, so it would seem amazing. Although tyrants and dictators, both Franco and Salazar had the sense to invest government money in out of the way places so that tourists could be attracted there, and what’s more, afford the accommodation when they got there. I saw a lot of Span and Portugal from the Pousadas and the Paradores. As you say, this place looks great in black and white, although as I haven’t seen it in pink I shall have to take your word for it!

    1. oh you are so lucky to have stayed in them . . .not sure when the Government handed them over, but don’t think it was that long ago. I hope to stay in my one myself one day soon, but as of yet have to get ourselves organised.

      If you fancy seeing it in pink do follow the link in the first bullet point.

    1. It’s fabulous isn’t it 🙂 if you follow the link in the first bullet point then you’ll discover a few inside shots

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