Farewell for now

Our Winter sojourn has been incredibly short this year, and so even though we’ve known the date for months it is in shock that we depart for northern skies this morning. I am really going to miss our weekly long walks in the Algarvian hills, the daily fresh fish and our wonderful evenings and mornings overlooking Olhão.


However all being well we will be back later this year, and looking at my photographic archives for this trip I don’t think I am going to run out of material for posts anytime soon! So stay in touch everyone.

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It's a good life walking, cooking, photographing, volunteering, reading, blogging, and best of all spending time with family, friends & the cat!

28 thoughts on “Farewell for now

      1. I’ve started tracking the Hampshire wether and it seems to warm up next week – before going back down for the weekend we are down! Still, plenty time for the forecast to change for the better. Or worse.

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  1. What a beauty! And it seems to me that you have been in the Algarve for at least six months!! Coming home to an English spring is no bad thing either. All the gorgeous flowers. Hopefully the weather will warm up soon too.

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  2. I think you may be lucky enough to return to the UK when the weather is about to change for the better. Fantastic day yesterday, today not so sunny but warm enough to go out in just tee and jacket. Anyway, welcome back to the UK and I hope you’ll manage to enjoy familiar sights and find some new walks. Maybe even some new birds with our climate change which seems to be affecting the birdlife.

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