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If you have not spotted it already look to the right of the screen.  You may need to scroll down. See it yet?  Yup I’m talking about my Portuguese BlogRoll.  These are wonderful blogs which have caught my eye and are incredibly helpful for discovering Portugal off the main tourist track.

Portugal – our ideas for where to go and what to do originate from books we have read or blog-posts we have stumbled across, and so I cannot really recommend any sites apart from those in my blogroll and the main tourist one. What I can tell you is that generally museums are closed on Monday and public holidays so do check out this for the latter.

Algarve – most people come here for the golf and the beaches which probably explains why there are so few up to date or good guidebooks. However if you are reading this then you are probably planning a trip here because you enjoy nature, walking, local food and/or discovering the lesser known. Which is great! For you I recommend exploring my blog using the categories to get some ideas or feel free to drop me a line.

Transport – For the best site on local transport in the Algarve as well as links for travelling elsewhere in Portugal visit here.  We have thoroughly enjoyed using the trains and buses, plus they are cheap. For those after your own transport then we recommend this site to hire a car and if you are in the Algarve these lovely people for a bike!

Temporary Accommodation – In Olhão we take an apartment at the residence, the rates are very good on long term lets. However the commercial spaces in the square are now being taken and the noise levels are increasing significantly on sunny days so be warned. Elsewhere . . . . ..  we have used AirB&B in Porto which was superb although we recognise the huge negative impact it is having on local residents. In Lisbon we generally use Lisbon Apartments which are cheaper but just as good as AirB&B, and in Alentejo we start with Booking.

Moving to Portugal – we don’t live here full time and so I recommend exploring other sites such as AngloInfo if you need advice on moving here. However the one key message I will highlight for all EU citizens – if you are here 3months or more you must register with the Portuguese authorities and obtain the Certificado de Registo de Cidadão da União Europeia (CRUE). And because of Brexit the British should do this before 29th March 2019. For more information on registration visit;

And finally if you are planning a day on the beach, thinking about going for a boat trip or plan to go birding in the salterns/marshes anywhere in Portugal then to get the best out of your visit it is essential you know your tide times
Boats at Sunrise

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