This is a personal travel blog, where I have been sharing memories and photographs of our Portuguese adventures since almost the start of this century. We love hiking in the Algarvian hills and are also keen birders so you’ll notice many of my posts are focused on Portugal’s natural beauty. We also though love Portuguese food, and enjoy discovering its art, architecture, history and amazing festivals so you’ll find posts on all of this too. Portugal is beautiful country and has so much to offer everyone whether your preferences are for beach holidays, hiking adventures, great food and wine, culture or a little bit of everything. My only advice is take your time, Portugal is a country best explored slowly!

For those planning a holiday or extended stay you might find one or more of the five posts immediately above useful. They cover place names, packing tips and emergency advice as well as nature guides. Click on any of the images to continue reading.

Please note we are currently not in Portugal, a combination of Covid19 and Brexit has delayed our return. In more ‘normal’ times we spend up to six months in the country, and during these sojourns I post up to three times a week. When out of the country I continue to post as I have thousands of photographs and hundreds of tales still to share, however the frequency is much less. You will find my latest posts below, and if you are feeling adventurous why not explore one of the five hundred or so posts on this blog using the menus at the top, bottom and right of this page. There are plenty of topics to explore.

Past memories

Not long to go before we will be gazing upon this scene again


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