Where the Douro flows into the Atlantic

Portugal lies in the south-westernmost region of Europe and has, if you include the archipelagos around 1,794km (1,115 miles) of coastline. Unlike many countries with a long coastline it all the same sea, whether you are in the north, west, south of mainland Portugal or in the archipelagos. That sea is the second largest of the world’s ocean, the Atlantic Ocean and is one of the reasons that Portugal was once a formidable seafaring nation. It is easy though to forget when you are in Porto that the ocean is just a mile or so away.

walk to go with bridge porto 5

The ocean is less than 2 miles from the Porto’s botanical gardens, or a 15minute (ish) tram ride from the historic centre of Porto. We caught the tram one December, and it was so much fun trundling along beside the river to Passeio Alegre in ‘Foz do Douro’, a very chic neighbourhood on the seafront.

The guides suggest various highlights in Foz, most of which, including the 17th century Fort of São Francisco do Queijo, we failed to see. We were so excited a walk beside the seaside we totally forgot to look at any guidebooks! However we did walk past the other fortified building Fortaleza de São João da Foz, and as you may recall from my other blog we also spent ages trying to catch the waves as they buffeted Farolim de Felgueiras.

Whilst the outward journey was exciting for the unknown and the thought of soon being beside the sea. The return tram journey to Porto was equally special thanks to being closer to the Duoro.

River scene

Not only did this stretch of river look like a great birding spot, but we could more easily enjoy the sight of the Arrábida Bridge. It is one of six bridges which link the cities of Porto and Vila Nove de Gaia, and is also a national monument. At the time of its construction in the 1950/60s, its main span was the largest of any concrete-arch bridge in the world. It has long since been surpassed; the longest concrete-arch bridge in the world is now nearly twice the length of this one!

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  1. been in Porto once, long time ago. i can’t forget the winding, narrow street on our way to Graham’s Port Lodge for wine tasting. I love the bridge, even took pictures of it. thanks for this wonderful post. 🙂 🙂

  2. It’s at least 20 years since I was in Porto and maybe I’ll put that right some time in this decade!! But for now, the trundle in the tram with you helped fill the gap.
    And I have a problem with the like button too. It’s not just your site. My like gets ignored on more wordpress sites than it’s accepted. I think the problem may live with the button presser more than the pressed.

    1. Fingers crossed you are able to put it right this decade 😀 and maybe we could meet up there!

      In my case it was definitely a plugin I had downloaded, but you are right there are some liking issues out there.

    1. Awww thank you so very much. And apologies about the liking button. Really odd as lots not experiencing it. I’ll investigate

    2. Hiya, just to say i have finally sorted the like button issue. Well the Happiness Engineers have after nearly a whole day of chatting to them yesterday!

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