In less than a dozen moments

The heavens opened and there was a heavy downpour. Moments later it had passed, and the skies were once again their stunning Algarvian blue.

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The excellent Aves de Portugal website says of the Bluethroat The observation of a Pisco-de-peito-azul perched on a log or tuft of marsh has the gift to animate any observation session on a cold Winter day. It certainly had that effect on my husband on both the days we saw. The first time was in […]

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A Watch of Shrikes

Shrike perched on fence

Whilst not as rare as the Red-Backed Shrike, the Woodchat Strike is an uncommon sight in the UK and so is also on the rare bird list for Twitchers in the UK. In southern Europe its numbers are declining but it is still a common sight between March and early October. It has a delightful […]

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