Too much grey, past few days

Despite the grey skies though it has been great fun strolling around Olhao’s saltpans the last few days because of the large flock of Flamingos. Not unusual for small groups to be here, but to our delight there have been 60 plus recently. I know not up to the hundreds or thousands you might see […]

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Christmas Day Birdies

This morning after breakfast we went for a stroll with what seemed like most of Faro at Ludo and Lagoa de São Lourenço. It is a favourite weekend haunt for joggers, cyclists and families in this part of the east Algarve, and as we discovered this morning also on Christmas Day. There were however very few […]

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A year ago today

Close up of Flamingoes

Olhão was rather cloudy but fortunately the flamingoes were in the saltpans and brightened up our day. There were two flocks, and unusually one of the flocks allowed us to get quite close. It really is an unmistakable bird but their call could easily be confused for geese! They are much more fun to watch then geese […]

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