Not something most of us think about much and with alternatives being used more and more often it is a product we are also using less. Despite this cork oak forests still make a substantial contribution to the economy and ecology of Portugal, the country remains the leading producer, producing nearly 50% of the world’s total. Virtually […]

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‘It patters noisily over the water before taking off’

Coot fight

I think that is a perfect description of Coots by the RSPB for a couple of the photographs in this post, and also an indication this post is not just about birds! Let me start though with the Coot. They are great fun to watch taking off, as like swans they take a run at it. Their Portuguese […]

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Made by the Sea

Can’t believe it has taken me until now to write about the salt, there again I’ve yet to post anything on Bacalhau, Cork or Port! Don’t worry those posts will be written one day, but for now lets focus on salt. Guess some of us see the french phrase- Fleu de Sel – and assume it […]

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