Algarve Chimneys

2014-05-13 001 2014-05-13 036One of the many beautiful sights in the Algarve are the chimneys.  You will spot them on old and new buildings, and even on gate posts.  2014-05-13 001 2014-05-10 0872014-05-13 001 2014-05-07 035They may be cylindrical, square or rectangular, simple or elaborate.  Some are clearly just decorative others show signs of heavy use with their blackened edges.  2014-05-13 001 2014-05-11 0552014-05-13 001 2014-05-12 025

2014-05-13 001 2014-05-13 0112014-05-13 001 2014-05-11 023






2014-05-13 001 2014-05-12 0182014-05-13 001 2014-05-07 0212014-05-13 001 2014-05-11 001


The theory is that they are a Moorish influence, but evidence of the link seems to be hard to find.  They do though look like smaller versions of the windcatchers to be found in the Middle East.  2014-05-13 001 2014-05-13 008


2014-05-13 001 2014-05-07 032As with many things the more intricate the chimney the higher the status of the owner,2014-05-13 001 2014-05-11 021 and I have read somewhere the cost is determined by the number of days is takes to make it, and it apparently is not unusual when ordering a new chimney to be asked “how many days of chimney”. 2014-05-13 001 2014-05-13 005

According to Portuguese legend a man accused of stealing silver is proved innocent and saved from hanging by a dead cockerel crowing, and since then the cockerel has become a symbol of Portugal.  Images of cockerels can be found throughout Portugal, and frequently on top of chimneys.

2014-05-13 001 2014-05-11 056



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