I’ve not reblogged before on this blog, but Mel’s post looks so divine and reminds me so much of the glorious fig cakes we’ve eaten in Portugal I just had to share her post. Enjoy!

Mel's Vittles

Fig picking is coming close to an end here in Portugal, and after a few weeks of eating way too many of them, necessity plus a little out of the box thinking just makes you cook wonderful things. Like this cake.

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fig above

Figs are a big part of Portugal, the south in particular, where you can find a peculiar sweet treat called Queijo de Figo, which literally means fig cheese. It’s like dried fig paste with a mix of nuts and condiments, condensed into a cheese format and texture. Cabrita Neto has developed some tasty concoctions with outstanding ingredients, like carob flour, almonds and cardamom. They even have individual bars, that you can eat as a on-the-go snack. Because, come on, who doesn’t want to eat a tasty piece of fig cheese while walking to work or on a stroll by the coast?

Considering the overflow of this fruit through…

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14 comments on “Fig Cake

  1. If I only baked…looks so good. Found and followed via Dream Big’s Meet and Greet. 125Pages.com

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  2. This looks so yummy. Can’t wait to return and will be on the outlook for this yummy sounding cake. Thanks Becky.

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    • It does doesn’t it – definitely going to try making it. Well worth looking at her blog as she has other Algarvian delights.


  3. I’m a very lazy cook, Becky, but if I knew there was a slice or two of this handy I could be tempted to pop back to the Algarve. 🙂

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  4. Thank you so much for the reblog 😀 love algarve enthusiasts, glad to have found you!

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  5. Lovely!And “queijinhos de figo” are my absolute favorite Algarve sweet….:)
    And thanks to you I now have another great blogger to folllow 😉

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  6. Looks tasty!

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