Spring is just around the corner

Swallow at Sunset

Over the past few afternoons and evenings it has felt like Spring has almost arrived. The Spring flowers are beginning to appear, the bats and Swallows are out in the evenings and locals and tourists alike are enjoying the sunset strolls.

A few of you will have spotted I didn’t mention mornings in my opening sentence. That’s because they have been rather grey and damp, but who cares if by the afternoon it looks and feels like Spring!

A January day in Marim

If you have not already discovered Portugal in mid winter then perhaps now is the time to try! In the meanwhile I hope you have enjoyed a few of my photographs from the past three days collated especially for Cate’s Six Word Saturday.

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When in Portugal you will find me walking, cooking, photographing, reading and of course blogging. In England it is pretty much the same but with the addition of gardening and lots of volunteering!

19 thoughts on “Spring is just around the corner

  1. My roses are out , blooming fully as if it were already April 😉
    And do you know our saying “Março Marçagão manhã de Inverno tarde de Verão” ? March March…. winter in the morning and summer in the afternoon – very liberal translation ??
    It feels like March even “up here” in Lisbon , already
    Lovely pictures , as always 🙂

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    1. No I hadn’t heard of that saying. It’s perfect for the days we’ve been having here 😊
      Planning a weekend in Lisbon in March so hoping it definitely feels like spring then.

      Liked by 1 person


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