Birds of Prey in the east

The general advice for raptors is to head west in the Algarve. However they are also around in the east, just not in as large numbers. We have seen them on and off but they are not the easiest birds to photograph –  either soaring far above you, or when you spot one on a post he/she spots you too and disappears. Such as the owl last week, who we are still not sure what it was. So I haven’t really mentioned them before. A few days ago There he ishowever we were taking advantage of the afternoon sun sitting on rocks sheltered from the wind. It really was gorgeous doing very little apart from watching the tide come in. It was then in the distance we noticed a large dot in the sky which seemed to be hovering.

Unsettled gullsWe initially assumed it must be a harrier as the gulls seemed unsettled but as it came closer we realised it was definitely hovering, something harriers don’t tend to do.

As you do when you are near large lakes or coastal waters you think ‘could it be’, and then immediately decide it cannot. However it definitely was. We were lucky enough to be in the sun and watching an Osprey right above us.

They are wonderful to watch, and although this one didn’t dive it was closer enough to watch easily with the naked eye. Simply marvellous and made our Saturday.  Eventually he/she left us and a few minutes later we noticed the gulls to the right of us were very unsettled.

Black Kite
Initially thought Marsh Harrier but fork in tail and ‘fingered’ wing-tips suggest not

Couldn’t understand why as Osprey are fish hunters. diving feet first into the water and so other birds should not be bothered by them. We then realised we were being treated to another Bird of Prey. Unfortunately the view finder on my camera is misbehaving and so I couldn’t get a better photograph then this. At the time we thought Marsh Harrier but now are thinking Black Kite.

Path gone!

By the way do you recall  I mentioned the tide was coming in, well we were so distracted by the birds of prey we took our eye off the tide. Fortunately whilst the path we have strolled along to our sitting rocks had disappeared, there was another path for us to walk out!

Author: BeckyB

It had been a good life walking, cooking, photographing, volunteering, blogging, and best of all spending time with MrB, family, & friends. Sadly it no longer is. Suddenly and unexpectedly I have become a widow.

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  1. Wonderful shots and so lucky. If you want to see the osprey and young ones clearly Rutland Water and Manton hide is a great spot. We also saw them nesting on the Dyfi in Wales. Wildlife Trust hide.

    1. Not been to Rutland for a few years, gorgeous place. Wasn’t aware there were Ospreys present, will make a trip 😊

        1. Oh wow that would be amazing. Will definitely talk to MrB about a weekend up there on our return. Thanks for the tip.

  2. Phew that was lucky! We’ve spotted raptors around the area before on previous visits. Pretty sure we have seen Black Kite and others that I’ve not been able to identify. Do you get Kestrel around Faro airport? I’m sure that I’ve seen some as we’ve come into land in the past.

    1. Incredibly lucky 😊
      Not seen kestrels around the airport but that’s probably because I’m not looking as we see them regularly from our apartment in Olhão and around the saltpans. Wonderful to watch.

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