I think I could quite happily live here

Last month I shared with you the Museu do Trajo, and one or two of you who have visited this museum may have wondered why there was only one photograph in my post of the front of the building. Well I did take more than one and here are the rest of them.

I had been saving these doors for Thursday Doors. There are, as some of you will know, many lovely doors in this São Brás mansion but the ones at the front particularly caught my eye because of their handles. I thought them perfect for Thursday Doors, plus this was another great excuse to show off Miguel Dias da Andrade’s 19th century mansion.

If you want to know more about this mansion or simply fancy taking a stroll inside then click here to see my earlier post. And if doors are your thing then do go and say hi to Norman as he has some wonderful doors.


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When in Portugal you will find me walking, cooking, photographing, reading and of course blogging. In England it is pretty much the same but with the addition of gardening and lots of volunteering!

11 thoughts on “I think I could quite happily live here

  1. Nice ones for Norm. 🙂 I must put this on my list. We’re back just for a week from 6th July, for Mick’s birthday treat and a lazy week for James (if he can put up with us for that long, sans WiFi 😦 ).

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