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  1. thank you. we’re off to tabira tomorrow so will make a detour. i’ll let you know how i go. thanks becky! ps love your blog

  2. hi beckyb
    i would love to know where i could find someone who could make hives like these as am hoping to make homes for bees in the algarve (i currently home bees in the uk)
    thank you so much

    1. Hi
      There’s always a beekeeper at Olhão’s Saturday markets located almost in the middle looking towards the town. He’d probably know if not I’d head for the village where we saw these. Somebody there am sure could help. Good luck! And do let me know how you get on.

      1. thanks masses beckyb. which village did you find them in? i can’t see it on your blog…thanks again tabitha

        1. Hi Tabitha we saw them in the hamlet of Funchosa de Cima, up in the hills. They were abandoned so i am sure if you spoke to the farmer he would allow you to take them for a small fee.

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