A cold April brings wine and bread in plenty

According to old Portuguese weather lore, and if it rains as well then the cow will be fattened. Great for farmers and those living off the land, but perhaps not what the tourists are hoping for Easter! Last month was certainly mixed, I think we had a little bit of everything from rain and cold winds to thunderstorms and hot summer-like days. There were even days when we had a little bit of everything in the same day, and even hour. Just look at shot below taken on 24th March, rather like our ‘dozen moments‘ almost a year ago today.South west is glorious, north west not so

My recollection of last April, born out by MrB’s bird diary and my photographs was that it was very similar to the March just gone. So if you are planning on visiting this month be prepared. Weather records for April over the years may indicate that the average daytime temperature is 17°C but there may also be the odd occasion when a fleece and/or a raincoat along with sensible shoes will be useful! And you’ll definitely need a jacket or jumper for the evenings.

Having said that though there have been years like this week when it has settled for days if not weeks in the low 20s, and sunshine is certainly plentiful with an average of 8hrs per day. So also bring the sunscreen and sunglasses, and fingers crossed it will be warm for you with maybe even a few hot days.

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When in Portugal you will find me walking, cooking, photographing, reading and of course blogging. In England it is pretty much the same with the addition of catching up with family, friends and organising a festival.

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