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Tavira seems to have an extraordinary number of churches and chapels. There are at least 17 in the town itself, with some reports saying 21 and others 30. However I’m uncertain if they are including in their numbers the further 17 found in other villages but still within the Tavira parish. Whatever the number the variety of styles is wonderful. Some are incredibly grand and others quite simple – making Tavira a must visit if you enjoy religious architecture.

Now I know Jo has taken us to many of the chapels in her beloved Tavira, but I don’t think she has taken us to this one – Ermida de Nossa Senhora do Livramento. The Church of the Lady of Deliverance is also known as Ermida de São Lázaros, and inside there are 19th century ex-votos given by local seafarers. I would have love to have shown you these as apparently their ex-votos are paintings showing boats in difficulty out at sea. Unfortunately though I can’t because like many of the chapels and churches in Tavira the doors weren’t open. However I hope you won’t mind too much as its exterior, a 19th century addition, is rather lovely and this is a Thursday Doors entry.

For the historians among us the church dates from the 15th century but underwent significant restoration in the 17th century and again in the 18th following the great earthquake. It was built on the site of a former leper hospital, when this area would have been on the outskirts of Tavira. By the way did you notice the Tavira roof above the other door?

Author: BeckyB

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  1. That is beautiful. The blue and white tile is not a look that we’re used to seeing here so I find it makes a lovely change. Thanks for sharing these 🙂

    1. oh I am so glad you like Norm. It is odd how they are really only found in the Netherlands and Portugal as they are stunning, but perhaps as you say the change is what is makes it so lovely.

  2. It’s beautiful, isn’t it? I think I may have one photo of it on the blog but not of the inside. I’ve only been in once and there was a service going on. I think it may have been a funeral. I exited a bit sharply 🙁 Enjoying your trip? I’m off to Bristol tomorrow for a surprise 80th birthday party. All a bit sudden- the party, not being 80 🙂

    1. It is gorgeous….first time I have been up close as usually I just look at it from afar. One day one of us will get inside properly!

      We had a fabulous trip thanks, hence the lack of communication for the past few days. Do hope the surprise party is going well in Bristol, are you staying down there?

      1. Yes but I’m in the Central Library at the minute using Internet. Forgot to bring the phone number of the lady who’s meeting me and I don’t know where she lives. Caramba! X

        1. LOL!!! You really do have too much going on in your head at the moment . . .hope you have success in tracking down the party.

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