By the time you read this . .

Our winter sojourn will be over

. . . . we should be around 33,000ft high and heading north for England. There again as the flight we are catching only has a 68% chance of being on time, Actually Landing on 8th Decemberwe could easily be at sea level in a cafe at Faro airport. Or perhaps we are just taking off?! (NB yes, I do realise this was a landing but I have no take off shots!)

As in previous years I have mixed feelings about leaving Olhão for the summer. I certainly won’t miss the mosquitoes who are just beginning to appear nor will I miss the high temperatures and increase in tourists. I will though miss our Algarvian friends, the clean air, the walks, the Portuguese approach to life and Olhão’s markets. At the same time I am looking forward to catching up properly with family, my cat, the garden and English friends who I have not seen for ages but dread our English politics, inevitable grey days, driving on the left and next door’s ongoing building work. Salterns of the AlgarveStill I’ve got thousands of photographs and memories to still share with you, and so look forward over the forthcoming weeks and months of returning to this wonderful country in my mind each and every time I prepare a blog post. And all being well we will be coming into land at Faro over these saltpans in the late autumn to commence our next sojourn, can’t wait! So I hope you will stay with me, and if you are not following the blog yet why not start today.

About BeckyB

When in Portugal you will find me walking, cooking, photographing, reading and of course blogging. In England it is pretty much the same but with the addition of gardening and lots of volunteering!

10 comments on “By the time you read this . .

  1. I think you have the best of both worlds – and like Jo says, summer here isn’t too bad… though looking out of my window today you may disagree.

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    • Was a tad wet yesterday morning but my wilderness that was once a garden needs it, so I’m a happy bunny still 🙂

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      • Yes it has been rather dry for the gardens. Mine got a good soak yesterday, but it is windy today and that wind does tend to dry things out – especially the containers.

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  2. Hope you landed safely Becky, welcome back to England 🙂 We’ve had ten days of lovely warm sunny weather where I am so I hope you get some of the same 🙂

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    • Got a little bit on Thursday and also yesterday afternoon which was really lovely and made it a wonderful return – thank you . . . . .garden though needs rain!


  3. Safe landings, sweetheart. An English Summer is not so bad… Honest 🙂 🙂

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    • Thanks Jo, arrived back nearly on time and home within 30minutes of getting our bags. So so much luggage after 6months!!
      Spent whole of Thursday evening and yesterday catching up on post, neighbours and sorting house. Hopefully today I can get out in the garden, ready to enjoy the English summer!


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