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I thought this such an excellent post by Portugal Up Close I had to share it with you! It is all about the Viva Viagem – Lisbon’s rechargeable public transport card. Essential reading for anyone heading to Lisbon for a few days.

Portugal Up Close take you step by step how to purchase Viva Viagem. You’ll see they recommend choosing the stored value option – the Lisbon version of London’s Oyster card. Portugal up closeThis is definitely an excellent option if you will be staying a while, plan to go to Sintra, or are unsure what you are exactly you will be doing each day. However if you are like us and squeeze in lots in just a day, or want to go on the funiculars then you might want to consider one of the 24hr options. The 24hr tickets, like London’s One day Travel Cards – are incredibly good value for those who have a habit on hopping on and hopping off trams and/or like using a combination of metro, trams, funiculars or buses to get somewhere. Just remember though you can only have one type of ticket at any one time on your card.

But that’s enough of me waffling let’s look at this wonderful post click here for Viva Viagem – Lisbon’s rechargeable public transport card

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