Hiding under the ivy in Estói

Until we found the easier back route to São Brás de Alportel via Mesquita Baixa we had always travelled on the road from Estói, which meant we had driven past this ‘public water fountain’ more times that I can count! And yet for some reason I had never really noticed it before the day we went for a walk in the Serra do Caldeirão.

Water peddlers were still part of everyday life in small towns in the 1960s, and in rural areas it is still common even today for many properties outside of urban areas to have their own water supplies. So this ‘fountain’ would have had a significant and positive impact on the lives of those who used it. I didn’t spot a date on the ‘fountain’ when I took the photographs and of course now I am back in England  I cannot can’t nip round to check. However from my knowledge of other fountains in the area and looking at the tiles on this one I am guessing that this water ‘fountain’ was introduced at some point between 1920 and 1950. It’s the tiles though caught my eye when we were driving past. Despite their state of disrepair they are beautiful and capture a little bit of Portuguese transport history.

And they are not the only fabulous set of azulejos in Estói. Just round the corner from these ones are the Roman mosaics at Milreu and then there are the beautiful azulejos panels and mosaics at the palácio. Estói is a must visit for anyone who loves azulejos.What fun!

Author: BeckyB

It had been a good life walking, cooking, photographing, volunteering, blogging, and best of all spending time with MrB, family, & friends. Sadly it no longer is. Suddenly and unexpectedly I have become a widow.

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  1. Your title would make another 6WS but perhaps trading on Debs good nature- tee hee! 🙂 🙂 I seem to be hung up on counting these days. 🙂 Do you know I don’t recall seeing this? In Estoi itself? Must have another look next week. I’ll be hunting out shade.
    Hope tomorrow is a wonderful celebration of Dad, though I know it’s hard. What time, so I can think of you?

    1. Hiya . . . . I’ve promised Debbie my next 6WS will be only six!!!
      It’s on the crossroads just down from Milreu which might be why you haven’t seen it.
      And thanks so much . . . really tiny funeral service tomorrow so not sure it will be a proper celebration but hopefully that will happen at a future event 🙂

    2. Just realised you mentioned you will need to find shade next week? on I am so envious you are going back . . . thought you weren’t going until the Autumn?

      1. I was intent on ‘taking’ Mick to Northumberland for a few days, but since it’s his birthday and he’d have to drive, I ‘lost’! With flights at £21.99 there’s not much of an argument. 🙂 🙂 Just a week!

        1. oh my no wonder you lost! Hope you are having a fabulous time doing little more than stretching your hand to pick up that glass by your side and turn the pages of the book!

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