I can’t possibly sit down here

As promised in my post a few days ago when we had a peep at the azulejos inside the Royal Basilica here are even more lovely azulejos. They are all covering the numerous stone seats lining the church avenue. There are even some on the square tree posts at both ends of the avenue. It is a very peaceful and beautiful path, and I thought perfect for Jo as I know she needs a bit of love this week.

The tiled seats were not the only thing which caught my eye as we strolled up the avenue. There were also Great Bustards on top of the Castro Verde coat of arms!

I hope you are ready for my close ups of the seats.  I took rather a lot of photographs. I was attempting to capture one shot of every style. I think I managed it! There are some rather unusual creatures amongst the usual flowers and rabbits. And surprisingly, given Castro Verde is in the middle of the steppe, lots of fish and ships.

I must admit I didn’t find the seats that comfortable to sit on, and I had noticed earlier that local residents were seating on more modern benches elsewhere in the town. However aren’t these seats gorgeous, and I am sure they are used as there is some damage to the tiles. Overall we thought them in pretty good condition for outdoor seating, and I am sure in the middle of summer on a Sunday afternoon many take advantage of sitting along this tree-lined avenue.

The eagle-eyed amongst you will have noticed that these were not the only style of azulejos. There were numerous other seats with much simpler designs. They were lovely too but just not quite as splendid as the two colour semi-circular seats.

We are going to have to return to Castro Verde on a sunnier day as I am sure they look even more beautiful under blue skies. I also need to return to find out more about them as I have no information on their age, the artist or the designs. So expect a more detailed post one day, for now though a few more tiles just for my friend Mari!

PS Did you notice my title and my sub-title are both six? Yup this is a Six Word Saturday entry as well as a Monday Walks one. I thought quite a short post for me I thought Debbie! Thinking of you Jo x

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