Forte de São Sebastião

Can you spot the differences between the here and now photographs?

I had been struggling to identify a topic for this month’s #PastmeetsPresent challenge when I spotted this picture in Len Port’s book ‘Get to Know the Algarve’, and thought ‘ooh I have one exactly like that’!

Len port Algarve
Len Port’s photograph

Len’s book was first published in 1993 and so his picture isn’t one of my older past photographs but even so there has been a few changes over the past 30/40 years. Here’s mine, can you spot the differences?!

Sao Sebastiao fort, Castro Marim
Almost the same angle

The pictures are of Forte de São Sebastião one of the three fortresses still visible in Castro Marim. This fort was commissioned during the War of Restoration in 1641 by King João IV to help keep the Spanish, just across the river, out of Portugal.

We’ve yet to get inside Forte de São Sebastião hence only external views, but I am hoping that during our next winter sojourn one of our visits to Castro Marim will coincide with the castle being open! I’ll keep you posted. In the meantime if you have a then and now picture why not join in with my #PastmeetsPresent monthly photo challenge. You will find more information here, but please note that if you are reading this after 1st January 2018 the challenge is moving to my other blog. It’s just so I can also share non Portuguese #pastmeetspresent posts!

Taken from the 3rd fortress
View of the fort from the 3rd fortress – Ravelein de Santo António


16 comments on “Forte de São Sebastião

  1. What an impressive fort. I have fond memories of a childhood vacation to the Algarve.

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  2. You put me to shame with your industry! Not only do I owe you a couple of Pasts but now I need to post skies too. I may have to retire to bed with a headache. 🙂 🙂

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  3. I love this sort of thing, comparing old and new, I have got a lot of pictures of the Algarve from my first visit there in 1986 but I haven’t been back since 1994.

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  4. We visited during the early evening during the medieval fair; They were holding various displays there with sword fighting etc. with re-ennctment groups.

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