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Good Tidings to you and your family

The lights are from last year, and the song is even older

I was delighted to discover this morning an album of Portuguese Christmas songs, and thought you might like to listen to one of them. I have chosen Vimos dar as Boas Festas as not only does it give me the opportunity to bring you good tidings, but it tells you the story of Christmas. Click Christmas lyrics for the lyrics in English (turn to page 4) and click below to listen to it in Portuguese. I really like the way the tempo keeps changing, but what do you think?

By the way have you spotted Venus in my #SquareSky photographs? The moon is below but my three above are focused on Venus, at least I think it is Venus.

I couldn’t resist joining in my December challenge at least once on my Portuguese blog. These wonderful Christmas decorations in Olhão are from last year. Amazingly I have not shared these photographs before on this blog. For more photographs of the Algarve in December or to take part in the photo challenge yourself please do visit the other blog. I think you might agree there are some stunning photographs in the collection!

Christmas Square Sky
Feliz Natal!

PS If you enjoy traditional songs as much as I do and want to listen to the other songs in the album or perhaps discover folksongs from other countries I recommend you visit the excellent site from which I downloaded Vimos Dar As Boas Festas – the Smithsonian Folk Ways Recordings. There is a charge to download some songs but many of the playlists you can listen to for free.

9 comments on “Good Tidings to you and your family

  1. How lovely! Dare I say it- never been in Olhao at Christmas 🙂 🙂 Maybe next year?

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  3. Love the last photo, and if that pinprick is supposed to be Venus, then yes, I can see it 🙂

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  4. Great photos Becky, I especially like the last one where the red light blends into the gold light from the street lamps 🙂

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