Another glimpse of the Guadiana

A year ago this week we discovered a fabulous stroll on the eastern edges of the Algarve. We enjoyed it so much that it wasn’t long before we decided to attempt it again. These photographs are all from the second visit, as you can see there were far more flowers in bloom. The birding was also quite extraordinary, in fact it was so good I am going to have to keep the birding shots for another post.

On our return visit we decided to try the walk the other way round. Still beginning in the market square of Azinhal, but instead of heading east towards the windmill, we turned south past the museum. It wasn’t open on this trip but hopefully it will be open next week when we return here for, I hope, our first walk of 2018.

gum cistus
Moments after leaving the village

Going anti-clockwise meant the steep climb at the end becomes an easy descent at the beginning. The knees might notice it a little bit more going down, but your head won’t as you will be too busy enjoying the wonderful views of the Guadiana Ponte Internacionalthe surrounding hills and the valley.

Hidden in the valley there are waterfalls, perfects places for picnics, agricultural plots and an abandoned farm. You may recall us walking past the farm on another walk when we met the wise cows of the Baixo Guadiana. You only get to see the farm from a distance on this side of the valley, but if you have binoculars or a good camera you should still be able to see the storks.

Are there 12 or 13 storks?
How many can you see?

The valley section seemed even more beautiful than last time, albeit rather hot. We met some walkers going the way, and they were struggling in the heat. We didn’t dare tell them about the steep climb they would be finishing on!

Baixo Guadiana
Baixo Guadiana

Obviously as the walk started up in the village there is a climb on the way back. However the return hills have so many twists and turns it felt more like a stroll than a hike for us, especially as our paths were full of buttercups and daisies.

Eventually we found ourselves re-entering Azinhal, and as we had seen the windmill before we elected to take the direct path back beside the cemetery and church. It wasn’t long before we were back in the square, where we stopped for a cold beer!

At 7.5km long and with easy hills and glorious views this walk is a perfect warm up for our longer trails in the hills. I am also hoping Jo and her Monday Walkers will enjoy it. For more information on our longer walks do visit my walks website – it provides an overview of each walk, indicates difficulty as well as the best time of year to attempt each walk and there is a map. I will be adding more walks over the next few months, so don’t forget to bookmark it!

Author: BeckyB

It had been a good life walking, cooking, photographing, volunteering, blogging, and best of all spending time with MrB, family, & friends. Sadly it no longer is. Suddenly and unexpectedly I have become a widow.

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    1. I know – can’t wait. One of these days you’ll have to join us – direct flights from Bristol year round and from Exeter in March so possible 🙂

  1. Morning darlin! Just having coffee before we start the journey home. It doesn’t seem quite real looking at these photos in the depths of an English winter. Another week or so and I’ll start to get excited. Hope you’re ok. Thanks for the link and happy 2018 xx

    1. Good morning! Sounds like the aftereffects of the vodka have worn off 😉

      Do hope the journey home ok. I know it does seem unreal that it can be like this somewhere not far away doesn’t it – we are doing ok as the year started brilliant yesterday. My eldest stepdaughter got engaged, so 2018 is already miles better than 2017 😀
      See you soon in Tavira xxx

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