It has only taken 63 weeks

Last week we had an even better birding session than on that extraordinary day in November 2016. As well as the usual abundance of waders and flamingoes, there were multiple kingfishers, hen harriers and marsh harriers. I even got to photograph a Hoopoe. The real highlight though was something we’ve been hoping for ever since that day in November 2016 when we saw it briefly. Yup last week we finally got to hear and photograph the elusive Water Rail (Frango-d’água).Reappeared briefly

Last time I didn’t get to photograph it and MrB only saw its tail. This time though we got to see it in all its glory. The Water Rail is smaller and slimmer than a Moorhen, and is much more distinctive with its chestnut-brown and black upperparts, black-and-white barred flanks, and a long red bill.DSCN2628

This might be a fairly common bird but is so secretive you really have to be in luck to see one, let alone photograph this bird. Now we were some way off and it kept disappearing into the vegetation so my photographs are not brilliant. However it was so exciting to see it I thought it a perfect choice for Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge. For more information on where we saw it, and for details of other great birding sites in the Algarve click here.

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19 thoughts on “It has only taken 63 weeks

  1. Now you’ve broken the no-see curse you’ll probably see more! Lucky you though, I’ve heard them and had a glimpse or two of a disappearing rear end, so very envious of your sighting and you got photos!

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