‘Olha ali um guarda-rios’

How often have you shouted 'look there's a Kingfisher'?!

All too often we shout this out where there is a flash of blue, and our fellow walkers see nothing! However if you are patient, quiet and observant when visiting Lagoa de São Lourenço you may be in for more of a treat. On the first occasion one kept flying in front of us as we strolled along the yellow brick road, and I must have taken nearly fifty photographs.

I can see you

Their Portuguese name is Guarda-rios – Guardian of the River – and despite their small size (about the size of a sparrow!) they certainly look like a guardian when you spot them perching on the river bank.

The photographs in the gallery below were taken near a water inlet, and we noticed how white it was under a bush. Looked a little closer and yes there was a Kingfisher. The white markings of course are the droppings, this is a regular perch.

A few moments later MrB saw another flash of blue, and again the tell tell sign of droppings. Another regular perch, not sure we would have spotted it though without MrB seeing the flash of blue.

33 comments on “‘Olha ali um guarda-rios’

  1. Beautiful birds that are always so exciting to see! You got some gorgeous images too.

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  2. Beautiful photos! I’ve never seen a blue kingfisher but kookaburras are a variety of kingfisher and we see and hear them often.

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