The promised finale!

Another trip down memory lane today, this time to Mãe d’Água das Amoreiras. You may recall we were here earlier this year when we met up with friends in Lisbon. They very kindly humoured us when we said we were taking them to an urban reservoir. I know not the usual capital city tour. However once inside the reservoir they soon appreciated why I was so keen to visit.

In my previous post I shared the beauty and history of this amazing piece of 18th century engineering, but I think I forgot to mention that below the beautiful vaulted ceiling there is a 75metre deep vat which contains more than 5000 cubic metres of water. This is a huge building. The main reason for taking you back here today is fulfil the promise I made in my earlier post which was to share the surprise we found above the reservoir.

There is an enormous roof terrace. The terrace itself is nothing special but it is a rather lovely place to sit as the views from every side are wonderful. The photographs above are of the northerly aspect. Not as pretty perhaps as the other aspects but still fascinating, and includes a perfect shot for September squares, some of you may recognise it as it also made it in to June squares!

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Quick word of warning if you are thinking of adding this reservoir to your itinerary and you don’t have a head for heights, the climb up to the terrace and the terrace itself you may find daunting. Everyone else though I am sure will love it.

You will probably also enjoy the other reservoir you can visit in Lisboa, – Patriarcal. It is only a short walk away from here in another lovely Lisbon square, in fact I think I might take you there at the weekend. For now though let me finish with a couple more views as well as a diagrammatic shot for the engineers amongst you!

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When in Portugal you will find me walking, cooking, photographing, reading and of course blogging. In England it is pretty much the same with the addition of catching up with family, friends and organising a festival.

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