Yay! Tomorrow we return.

I wonder if blue eyes is still around?

Mostly I cannot wait for our winter sojourn, Portugal is such a wonderful country and the Algarvian winters are so much milder than England’s. However there is also a little sadness. As every trip we leave our cat behind. 20170629_190836 (2)We have considered bringing Septimus with us for the winter months, but we would have to drive as I cannot bear the thought of putting him in a plane hold. And the drive is not a short one, we’d be looking at least two days on the road and probably three. So for the last few years he has taken trips of his own to stay with family or had the company of friends at home. He’s happy with both of those options but I do miss him loads. No wonder I can often be seen making a beeline for Portuguese felines. Just don’t tell Septimus!

Much loved cat

There are not so many feral cats as there were a few years ago as the local authorities have finally undertaken comprehensive sterilisation campaigns, so most of the ones I say hello to these days have humans or at least are regularly visited. Which of course means they are more likely to say hello back!

About BeckyB

When in Portugal you will find me walking, cooking, photographing, reading and of course blogging. In England it is pretty much the same but with the addition of gardening and lots of volunteering!

33 comments on “Yay! Tomorrow we return.

  1. happy travels, Becky.

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  2. Cats,…. they are so lovely, Thank you dear BeckyB, and have a nice and safe travel, Love, nia

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  3. Septimus would only be in the hold for a couple of hours wouldn’t he? I guess he’s used to his long holidays though. Have a good journey 🙂

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  4. Though one has passed away and the other is too old to fly we used to have no issues putting our two small dogs on a plane ( direct flights only about 1.5 hrs in air). If their keenness to get into the shipping box was anything to go by they surely enjoyed it. Not sure if cats differ but do consider it.. I know you would love your cats company.

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  5. Our cat is called Humbug 😀

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  6. The eyes of that cat st the end are stunning.


  7. Safe journey! The forecast isn’t great but you never know your luck 😃😃 xx

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  8. We used to have a tabby like this one. She had a very unusual personality and could be very fickle with her affections. I wonder if Septimus looks forward to his “holiday” too. He might enjoy his little getaways.

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  9. The blue-eyed boy is gorgeous! And the second black and white one looks like my old cat, Benjamin. He was such a softie.

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  10. Hey, I am sure he will be fine. Would he be okay if you brought him here?

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