Perspéntico of Porto

Hidden away between Rúa das Flores and Rúa Mouzinho da Silveira you will find a tiny street called Rua de Afonso Martins Alho. There’s a small cafe here but that’s not the reason I am suggesting you visit. This street is one of the must sees of Porto if you love street art, as it is here you will discover ‘El Gato de cobalto’ also known as Perspéntico. This is a stunning piece of street art, and also enormous at more than 10metres wide and nearly 18metres high!

Liqen who created this mural in 2017 has not just shared images of Porto. He has filled this work with symbols, to share his thoughts and commentary on our world and in particular our reliance on globalisation and technology. If you want to know more about the imagery, you can discover more here.

My struggles to photograph the cat gave me an inkling of the struggles Liquen had in painting it. This is an incredibly narrow street, and whilst I appreciate it is slightly narrower at present because of scaffolding on the opposite wall it cannot have been much better for the artist when he was on scaffolding painting it!

Blue Cat of Porto

If you would like to enjoy more photographs do visit the artist’s website.

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    1. Oh thank you so much 😁 do visit his website as he talks through some of the challenges he faced with this piece.

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