O Dia de Reis

Tomorrow is Epiphany, and so by tomorrow evening (or perhaps it is Monday) you should have taken down your Christmas decorations and lights. I’m going to miss the lights in Olhão , as they have been rather beautiful this year. However before they disappear there is lots to celebrate as tomorrow is a day for celebration here in Portugal as it is the Dia de Reis, the day of Kings.

You may recall a few years ago there were camels, dancers and jugglers in Olhão . Unfortunately it doesn’t look as though they are returning this year, I have yet (as I type this) to find any reference to them returning. However there are still plenty of events taking place this weekend in the east Algarve. I have listed a few below but for the full list visit the excellent al Algarve conmigo.

Saturday morning  – the Magi will arrive in Vila Real de Santo Antonio from Spain, and if their arrival is anything like what happened in Olhão a few years ago it will be an unmissable treat. Apparently they are due to arrive in Praça Marquês de Pombal around 11am.

Sunday morning  – the place to be is Moncarapacho as not only it is their monthly market but there will also be Dia de Reis musical celebrations and at lunchtime ‘uma Mostra de Xarém’. Xarém is a dish from Olhão and the surrounding villages and of Moorish origins it is usually made of clams and maize. So this will be a real treat to sample.

Sunday afternoon – if you are still feeling energetic after lunch you can join the musicians when they move onto Fuseta, probably around 3pm. Alternatively you could pop across to Tavira where there will be more musicians in the Jardim do Coreto, again from 3pm

Sunday evening In Loulé from around 5pm you can celebrate with an enormous cake in the Avenida José da Costa Mealha, And by enormous I mean 150 metres worth of cake, and not just any old cake it will be the delicious bolo rei . There will also be music to enjoy, thanks to Charola da Casa do Povo de Santa Catarina da Fonte do Bispo.

So all being well there will be an Epiphany post to follow this either tomorrow evening or Monday, but just in case we managed to miss everything and a post doesn’t follow here’s the Caique Bom Sucesso again. Doesn’t it look beautiful at sunset all lit up for Christmas.


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  1. I love that sunset photo over the water. I put away all our Christmas things last week, except for my beautiful quilted Christmas wall hanging. It’s a stained glass mother and child which I made in 1997. I love them and always leave them out a bit longer.

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