Pineapples on top

In the 16th century pineapples were the height of sophistication, and those aristocrats who couldn’t afford one were able to rent one for the evening as a centrepiece for their banqueting table. And it wasn’t just on tables they appeared, they also turned up in art and in architecture. Apparently if there was a pineapple on a gate post, staircase or in this case on the roof you could expect great hospitality and luxury.

pineapple on top in Mertola

This is another snapshot post for #SquareTops, but if you fancy exploring more of Mértola where this delightful building and others can be found visit here and/or here.

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40 thoughts on “Pineapples on top

  1. Hi Becky, I’d never heard any of this about pineapples. It seems to me that if having a pineapple centerpiece implied you were wealthy and sophisticated, renting one would be kind of lame. Imposters! Thanks for filling me in on the intricacies of pineapple decor.

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