Christmas Travel no2

Yesterday, thanks to Sue of Words Visual, I began an 10 day adventure with some of my travel photographs and it is why today I find myself in the amazing city of Porto.

Now one of the rules of this travel photo challenge is that you share no explanations, however this photograph brings back so many happy memories of spending a few days with my wonderful friend Jennifer, I have to mention that. And since I have done that I might as well also share a few Porto discoveries from past posts. Click to explore.

PS The explanation rule is not the only one I am breaking today! You are also meant to nominate someone else. However so many travel bloggers are already taking part and Christmas is just around the corner so instead I invite everyone with a Portuguese travel blog to join us today. Perhaps you could share a few Christmas delights too.

Author: BeckyB

It had been a good life walking, cooking, photographing, volunteering, blogging, and best of all spending time with MrB, family, & friends. Sadly it no longer is. Suddenly and unexpectedly I have become a widow.

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