Blogging Challenge

In the summer of 2016 my #PastmeetsPresent blogging challenge emerged, inviting everyone on the 1st of every month to share at least two photographs – one from the past and the other of the same view but taken in the past year. Markets from the square Praca Patrao J Lopes

The challenge began life here on my Portuguese blog, but participants didn’t need to be based in Portugal or even share photographs of Portugal. They didn’t even have to post on 1st of the month! The one rule was to share a relatively recent photograph taken by you and then another picture of the same view (or similar) but taken days, weeks or years before. The older picture didn’t even need to have be taken by you, it could be a postcard or a painting.

where the naval club is No sign of the mill

I have had a great time time going through the photographic archives, and then attempting to find the same locations to take a modern-day shot. Most of my ‘past’ photographs are courtesy of some great books, however after 18months I have begun to struggle to find an ‘old’picture every month. So in 2018 the challenge is moving to my other blog. The rules will remain the same, it will just be hosted somewhere I can also share non Portuguese. Having said that don’t be surprised if there are still a few Portuguese ones occasionally!
Illustration of a cart taken from Dan Stanislawski's 'Portugal's Other Kingdom - The Algarve' Parked up in Olhao

My last #PastmeetsPresent post on this blog will be on 1st December 2017, and after that you will find it on The Life of B.

If you decide to take part don’t forget to link to my most recent ‘Past meets Present’ and/or include the tag #pastmeetspresent. Here are a few previous ones to inspire you..