Without doubt the best restaurant in Olhão

Assuming of course you like fish! Vai e Volta is our favourite restaurant, and like the name we keep going back.

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We are probably like the gulls in Culatra harbour when we visit this restaurant in Olhão!  It is just so good, and if you are happy to end up with a plate like the last photograph in this post then you will probably agree.

Gulls at Culatra
Gulls at Culatra

Via e Volta is only for those of us who enjoy fish simply grilled  and served with local salads – that’s because it is all they serve and the fish does not come filleted.  Interesting these characteristics (gauging from Trip Adviser) seem to be a problem for many tourists.  Definitely their loss.  We just love the quality and simplicity of their menu and when combined with the friendliness of the owners  – Maria João & José e o Gonçalo DSCN3303 – Via e Volta is perfection.  Oh yes there’s one other thing they are only open at lunchtimes from Tuesday thru Sunday.

We visit at least one lunchtime on every trip and are never disappointed. How can you be with fish this fresh, and the price per person at only 8.50€.

The fish, from the wonderful local market, tends to be mostly Atlantic horse mackerel, sardines, sea bream and mackerel.  You will also be offered tuna, salmon and/or swordfish steaks.

Thanks to Jornal Algarve 123 for this lovely photograph
Thanks to Jornal Algarve 123 for this lovely photograph

Their salads are simply scrumptious  – Algarve style tomato  salad, sweet & local potatoes and this incredible bread dish – Alentejo bread soup.  And you can eat as much as you like – in fact it will always end up you saying no to them as they offer you more and more.  Our plates always end up looking like this.


So next time you are in Olhão (a town by the way which Jamie Olivier describes as “wonderfully disheveled, authentic fishing with its lovely food markets”) be sure to find Vai e Volta, and have a fabulous lunch.

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  1. 2015 update – it is now €9 per person but the same quality and still an absolute bargain. Recommend arriving before 12:30 or after 2pm as incredibly busy some days. Can’t wait to go back in a couple of weeks.

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