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Olhão indoor markets are incredible, the range of fish in particular.  We now have a book on the fish of Spain & Portugal, and this has proved so useful when deciding what to try as many of the fish are never seen in northern European waters or markets.

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If you only have time to visit the markets once then make sure it is a Saturday.  As every Saturday local farmers, smallholders and gypsies set up small stalls outside. Watching the sellers is a delight, and what they are selling is wonderful.

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The produce on sale really does taste just as good as it looks, and you won’t get over the size of some of the vegetables particularly the cabbages.  No wonder they make so much soup with it!  The choice is almost overwhelming, and if you have elected to stay in a hotel this might be one of the times you regret it as there will be so much here you want to buy to take home and cook.

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It is a great way to spend a Saturday morning, and once you have finished exploring each and every stall do what locals and tourists do alike relax with a coffee at one of the many cafes and watch the world go by.

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Last November we were delighted to be joined on the next table by this stunning parrot, his owner purchased a bag of walnuts for him and he quite happy sat there for ages munching his way through a couple!

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