Olhão Weather!

Bom dia Olhão

A minute of sunrise


It isn’t every morning I am up and out in time for the sunrise, but just occasionally like today I make it.

And whilst this early bird might not have caught the worm I did ‘capture’ a fish in my minute of sunrise!

14 comments on “Bom dia Olhão

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  3. Stunning. We had a pinky streaky sky like your first one this morning too, no sea to reflect it in though, sadly.

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  4. Bom dia! 🙂
    Boa noite 😦

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  5. What stunning photos and a most magical start to the day. Truly beautiful.

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  6. Beautiful , beautiful , beautiful 🙂
    Ah! the rewards of early rising 😉 And that was a Big fish
    Turtle Hugs

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  7. What a beautiful sky… you did great photographs dear Becky, I fall in love with them. Thank you, Love, nia

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  8. Olá Becky,
    wonderful photos, I’m very jealous!
    Greatings from Würzburg

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