Oh I do like to be beside the seaside

Despite waking up to the sea every morning we rarely head for the beach, or perhaps it is because we are beside the seaside that we feel we don’t to. Last Sunday though it was such a gorgeous day that we began with a morning stroll along Olhao’s promenade.


And in the afternoon we caught the ferry to the beach on Ilha da Armona. You could easily walk around Armona in a day, it is less than 6miles long and it’s widest point is only just over half a mile. There are a few cafes and one small shop but that is about it. In summer it will be busy but in winter you will probably have the Atlantic beach to yourself. My type of seaside but perhaps not the one thought of by most English people when we think of our quintessentially English song Oh I do like to be beside the seaside‘.


By the way how many of you have been singing the chorus? For those who don’t know it here’s the wonderful 1909 recording by Mark Sheridan (with the bonus of English seaside photographs). Be warned though if you were brought up in England you’ll be singing or humming it all day now!

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