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They say ‘you are what you eat’ . . .

. . . in which case Silvia and Bruno's 'Produtos da Nossa Horta' stall is a must visit at Olhão's Saturday farmers market. Their produce is wonderful, particularly their avocados!

Rainy DaySo as we have been lucky enough to have Olhão’s Saturday market on our doorstep the past five months we must be pretty good as the food being sold is excellent! Last Saturday I was fortunate enough to be able to spend time with one of our favourite stallholders ‘Produtos da Nossa Horta‘.

Their stall caught our eye early last year, and has since become one of the stalls we check out every Saturday. Not only is all of the produce they sell grown and made by this lovely husband and wife team, it is also organic and local. Based in São Brás they have had the stall in Olhão just under two years now, and in that time they have become a firm favourite of ours. They have been growing crops for much longer though. Silvia shared with me her recollections of growing vegetables as a young child with her parents; in fact some of what she and Bruno sell was grown by her parents!

Produtos da Nossa Horta, tal como o nome indica, trata-se de produtos biológico cultivados com muito carinho, que queremos partilhar convosco 

SilviaI wasn’t surprised to learn that whilst Silvia enjoys working the land, it is running the market stall which she particularly enjoys. She’s always so friendly and helpful, and like Elisabete of Charcutaria Formosa very tolerant of our basic Portuguese. Whilst Bruno manages Productos da Nossa Horta full time, Silvia juggles this alongside her marketing job. We think she’s amazing as growing and selling your own produce is hard work, particularly when as well as having another job you are pregnant as Silvia is at the moment. As well as vegetables and fruit we’ve also bought eggs and cake from Silvia. The cake was traditional Easter cake with the egg inside, it was delicious. We are really going to miss Productos da Nossa Horta and the other Saturday market stallholders over the summer, but can’t wait to meet Joana in the autumn. We do hope everything goes well for you.

Produtos da nossa Horta stallIf you have not yet been to this Saturday market then do go as it really is superb, even on rainy days like it was last Saturday. The stallholders are all very friendly, and their produce is excellent so don’t just look buy. The vast majority of sellers will have grown/produced what they are selling, and the smaller stalls are very likely to be selling organic produce even if they don’t mention it.

If organic is important to you, after all ‘you are what you eat‘, then Produtos da Nossa Horta is a must visit. Their stall is at the eastern end of market about four stalls down from the end. Just look out for Silvia and/or their ‘Produtos da Nossa Horta’ signs. We recommend getting there before 10am as the market does get very busy, and you can always have breakfast at one of the cafes! Don’t panic though if you can’t make it to the market as they do home deliveries within a 20km radius (approximately) of São Brás. Click here to find out more.

Can you spot Silvia
Can you spot Silvia?

PS I’m off to celebrate my Birthday now, I won’t say which one! Before I go though I must mention how delicious Silvia’s olives with carrots are, and that their avocados are perfect. If you are in Olhão, do go and buy some tomorrow 🙂

13 comments on “They say ‘you are what you eat’ . . .

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  3. Oh, I feel so mean now because I didn’t know it was your birthday 😦 😦 We lost our internet connection when the neighbours set off home in the early hours of Friday so I hadn’t looked at Facebook. I do hope you had a good time, and thank you for another lovely interview. We’ll look out for them next time we’re there. 🙂

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    • Oh don’t feel mean. Unusually for me I kept it relatively quiet this year!! Had a lovely Bday, and do next time you are back as Silvia is so lovely 😊

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  4. Mom, lip-smacking post! And happy (slightly-belated) birthday.

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  5. I wouldn’t have thought of putting olives with carrots! What do you do with loquats? Have a lovely birthday 🙂

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    • It works surprisingly well and seems to be a traditional way of preparing. The carrots are really tender, and covered in garlic and coriander.
      My hubby just eats them! I think quince though is traditional here. They are originally from China.
      And thank you I will 😊


  6. Congratulations for Your birthday! My family love vegetarian food, but also we eat some meat excluding pork. Fish is okay and in Algarve, fish is excellent and delicious!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you 😊
      We eat mostly vegetarian too, and with vegetables like these who needs meat! Agree about the Algarvian fish though, going to miss it so much now we’re back in England.


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