Sometimes things change for the better, other times maybe not

Monday’s stroll down memory lane has put me in the mood for exploring the past, so I thought I’d take an even bigger step back in history today and share with you some of my past and present collection. If you have been accompanying us for a while on our Portuguese adventures then you may recall my first Olhão’s past and present and the follow up Seafarers of Olhão. There was also 50 Years ago. I do like looking back! I hope you will enjoy these just as much.

Pacos do ConcelhoThe first, despite having access to two old photographs and there being very little change, took me ages to find. I knew I had walked past it but couldn’t recall where exactly nor when! Finally though we walked past again and I got my ‘present’ shot. However I didn’t have on me at the time the old photographs hence not capturing it exactly right. And it is only today when I was preparing this post that I realised that I had allowed myself to be misled by these ‘old’ photographs. I thought the building to the right was what they were calling the town hall, in fact it is the building on the left they were photographing. If I had realised that sooner then I would have got my modern photograph far sooner. The building on the left is the back of Olhão’s town hall, but as I’ve discovered today what is now the back entrance was the main entrance in the 1870s.

The next three are all of the Jardim Pescador do Olhanense including one of before there was a garden. Think this is probably a change for the better. I wonder though if the fishermen would have agreed at the time, having lost their easy access to the factories and markets in return for a garden?!

Heading north now up to the railway line. First by the library which was once the hospital, and then an exploration down the railway tracks. The changes definitely not as pretty up here but fascinating in terms of past and present. Also surprisingly difficult to stand in the same place to take the shots!

Our tour of Olhão continues with a stroll back down the Avenida da Republica, also much changed and again not really for the better before returning to the harbour area, where I will finish today. I’ll probably be back though soon with more, in fact perhaps I should make this a regular feature.

But before I go, a plea for help. Do you recognise this village? Apparently it is in the Algarve but as of yet I have not found anyone who recognises it. Those chimneys are quite unusual for the Algarve. if you don’t know but know someone who might, have a Portuguese blog or are on twitter then do share this post, as I’d love to learn where it is.

Village D'Algarve
Village D’Algarve  – taken by Yan and presented in Yves Bottineau 1957 ‘Portugal’

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