This week new neighbours moved in

We were delighted to see them but others were not.

We have been delighted this week by the antics of our new neighbours as they have called to each other and checked out the neighbourhood. Can you spot them in the photograph above. On the day I took that photograph there were three of them visiting. You need to look closely! They have interrupted meals, pilates and even blogging as every time I have heard them I have rushed out to say hello. Unsurprisingly they have not been particularly interested in saying hello back, they were far more interested in the chimneys and aerials.

Our potential new neighbours are Common Kestrels. I say potential as I’m not sure they are going to stay as some of the other neighbours were really not keen on them moving into the neighbourhood. It was the female who was hassled but she stood her ground (well post) and the magpie eventually gave up.

After the magpie left, the kestrel stayed around a while hunting. We saw her flying back to another post further away after one of her dives and she was definitely pecking at something at her feet. Not a vole but maybe an insect, unfortunately at that distance even with my amazing camera I couldn’t quite see what she had, if anything. Can you work it out? You’ll need to click on the gallery below to enlarge.

Their Portuguese name is Peneireiro-vulgar, and they can be found all over Portugal. Here in the Algarve they are mostly found along the coast. We have only seen them a few times and so it was really lovely to be able to enjoy their antics this week. And to share it with you as part of Six Word Saturday.Stunning in flight


20 comments on “This week new neighbours moved in

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  2. Comment from my Mum 😁

    My comment was “congratulations on spying your new neighbours”


  3. molto divertenti questi vostri vicini! 🙂

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  4. I have never seen a kestrel. Apparently NZ has a native falcon but I’ve never seen one. Nice pictures thanks for sharing.
    dropping by from 6WS

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  5. Aren’t they wonderful? We saw a magpie attacking what we think was a young kestrel last year in our hedgerow (well not exactly ours, but across from our garden). And buzzards around a few weeks ago. I love their mewing sounds.

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  6. What delightful neighbours to have. Is there any chance you or the building owners could put up a kestrel nestbox do you think? or even make one out of a box.

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  7. They don’t look a bit vulgar to me! 🙂 I had to enlarge that first photo to spot them. There I was, expecting a nice cuppa on the veranda 🙂 🙂

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  8. desperately awaiting the return of ANY bird that isn’t a common crow to our frozen airspaces.

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  9. Absolutely stunning! How marvelous.
    Lucky you.

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  10. Three at once, how amazing!

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