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500 years old this year

The monks dining hall at O Jerónimos

Today’s post is inspired by the lovely Jo. She sent me a text last week sharing that she was sitting in the sunshine enjoying a glass of wine reflecting on the day visit to the incredible Jerónimos Monastery. I was delighted to learn she had finally made it here, albeit a little part of me, ok HUGE, was also very envious that she was there and I wasn’t! Still I do have my memories and photographs to look back on, and hopefully soon Jo will be telling us all about her Portuguese adventures this Autumn. For now though let us return to the monastery and take a closer look at one of the rooms inside.Fan vaulted ceiling

The refectory was designed by Leonardo Vaz and completed in 1517, and it was at this point the monks moved into their monastery. It was here, under the stunning fan-vaulted ceiling, they had their meals accompanied by the sound of someone reading outloud the Holy Scriptures.

I love the fact the dining hall was such an important part of the monastery, and that it was completed years before many other areas. In fact work was still on-going decades later; the upper cloisters and upper choir were not completed for another 30years, and the organ in the upper choir and the tiles in the dining hall were not in situ until the late 18th century. The tiles apparently depict the miracle of the feeding of the five thousand one the north wall, and the life of Joseph in Egypt on the other side. However I seemed to mostly take shots of the flowers!

I couldn’t find any photographs of the monks in the refectory but I did find this one of the pupils when a home and school for orphans was founded here by Pina Manique, the General Superintendent of Police which has enabled me to enter this month’s photography challenge Past meets Present. Have you taken part yet?

25 comments on “500 years old this year

  1. The header photo is particularly stunning – I love how you have it so the light accentuates the carvings. And that ceiling is awesome.

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  2. Incredible how well preserved it is for 500 years old. They built them to last back then

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  3. That ceiling us incredible. I love religious architecture.

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    • So do I . . .albeit seeing so much wealth in the architecture in Portugal and knowing how the Portuguese have suffered over the years from lack of investment in education and infrastructure does make me pause for thought in churches.

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  4. If ghosts exist there must be plenty there!

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  5. Gorgeous in every respect.

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  6. Beautiful, and so interesting to see it in use all those years ago.

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  7. What a fab place to get photos. Love the blue and white as I have said before. Still chuckling at Jo sitting beside the sink cloud watching 🙂

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  8. How lovely to revisit such a beautiful place. I’m looking forward to seeing Jo’s interpretation of all these amazing destinations too.

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  9. Caramba! No, I know that’s not a Portuguese word, but I can’t think of the equivalent. 🙂 🙂 I forgot to say Conejo Branco 😦 You would chuckle because I’m sitting up beside the sink (the best place in the front of house to get Wifi reception) with a coffee, and surveying large black clouds. There- does that make you feel better? Warm clouds, of course, with a hint of sunshine behind, but I don’t think I’ll put washing out today. 🙂
    What a place it is, Becky! The cloisters blew me away, and then there’s that lovely moment when you enter the gallery above the church. Thanks for the great research and details. I suspect I’ll be scant on historical details. I’m more of a gawper! Beautifully done, as ever.

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    • Hee hee!! So so happy that you enjoyed it as much as we did. It is just an incredible place isn’t it – can’t wait to see all of your photos.l Between us I think we make a pretty good team on covering places as I discover unusual facts and you take brilliant snaps 🙂
      Hope the large black clouds disappear soon for you xxx


      • They’ve gone. Watching the washing dry and devising today’s plan. National holiday of course xx

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      • I’ve even got a glimmer of blue here!! Not watching the washing dry though as too much dust coming up from the building work next door 😦
        Hope you came up with a cunning plan x


      • Oh dear! Still ongoing? We went looking for Pego do Inferno again as one of our walking friends said they’d swam there recently. It hasn’t been repaired as yet but there were people about. Then I watched Rafa and had a catch up with Marie. 🙂

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      • Won’t be finished for months 😦

        Sounds like you have had a fabulous day 🙂

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