Birdwatching at sunset

Is more about orange moments and reflections than bird identification!

Nearly six months have passed since we were in Portugal, and it will be at least another two months before we return to a sunset like this. I know there are glorious sunsets in England too, but somehow we always miss them as they are difficult to enjoy from our home and we are rarely out walking at dusk.

All of these photographs were taken on the same evening during our usual circuit of Olhão da Restauração’s saltpans. We had been delayed getting out and so it wasn’t a great walk for birdwatching but it was a fabulous walk for skywatching.

As is often the case it was after the sun had set that the skies turned most spectacular. I took over 60 photographs in less than an hour, I did ponder about sharing them all but in the end I decided it might be best to restrain myself!

This stroll may have been almost a year ago, but looking back at these photographs I can remember it as though it was only yesterday. A big thank you to Bushboy in Australia for inspiring me to look back into my archives. I may be two days late for the Daily Post Orange but I think it is worth it!Sky at 17:46

27 comments on “Birdwatching at sunset

  1. Being by the sea helps get that expanse of orange red and clouds too. We shall be in Portugal for New Year. Meanwhile here in Spain the skies are too blue. Certainly miss that when in the U.K. during the winter.

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  2. Lovely, Becky, just lovely.

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  3. I do love a sunset Becky and we’re quite lucky to be close to the Exe estuary, but this is stunning!.

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    • Thank you Gilly . . .very envious of you being close to the estuary. I’m hoping when we finally get around to moving to be closer to the sea, and an estuary would be perfect.


  4. What can I say that I haven’t said before. Madly jealous of your talents.


  5. Nothing like a sunset to create a warm inner glow!

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  6. So very beautiful Becky! ‘Wader in Orange’ is a particular standout!

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    • Thank you

      Do you know I nearly didn’t put that one in! So glad I did as you are not the only one who really likes it 🙂


  7. Spectacular sunsets Becky. The birds just add that special something. I feel honoured to feel that I inspired you to post such wonderful photos ❤

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  8. I love the dark silhouettes of the birds against the lit-up water and sky in these shots.

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  9. so very beautiful

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  10. Sunsets are always wonderful and you’ve captured this one beautifully. The next two months will fly by.

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    • Really hoping they will fly as missing the blue skies as well as sunsets . . . . the ratio of grey to blue sky days in England is the wrong way round in winter!

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  11. Well worth it! Absolutely amazing.

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  12. becky , how beautiful…!!!

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