The amazing ‘Bolo-rei gigante de Olhão’

Originally posted on It caught my eye in Portugal:
I think this must be the most surreal event we have yet been to, but it…

I spotted that this brilliant event is taking place again this year. So if you are in the east Algarve today, pop along to Olhão da Restauração for something quite marvellous.

Apologies for the strange nature of this post, I used re-blog and it hasn’t worked out quite how I had envisaged. Decided not to delete, but my advice is just click straight away to read the original. It looks a lot better than this!

It caught my eye in Portugal

I think this must be the most surreal event we have yet been to, but it was also incredibly joyful, fun and delicious. There was snow, a reindeer folk band, elves, a bear, a walking Red & White Candy Stripe, Father and Mrs Christmas and lots of people in Santa hats on pushbikes and motorbikes. The highlight of course was the 120metre long ‘Bolo-rei’ created by Pastry Chef Filipe Martins of KubiDoce.

Bolo-rei (Kings Cake) is a traditional Portuguese cake eaten over the Christmas period. The traditional last day for enjoying this cake is Dia de Reis (the Day of Kings or Epiphany). The original recipe is French, and it came to Portugal in the 19th century when the Portuguese monarchy employed a French baker. The cake is made of a soft sweet white dough and is usually round, with a hole in the middle. The traditional additions are raisins, nuts…

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When in Portugal you will find me walking, cooking, photographing, reading and of course blogging. In England it is pretty much the same but with the addition of gardening and lots of volunteering!

3 comments on “The amazing ‘Bolo-rei gigante de Olhão’

  1. I need to look up this portuguese cake your taking about.

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  2. Oh, I remember that! Big cake!

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