There’s a pig loose

On Friday we headed out on what has become one of our favourite walks in the Guadiana valley, and surprised ourselves by how quickly we completed it. We concluded this was not because we are particularly fit at the moment, but because there was little to photograph or observe in terms of flora and fauna. However we did spy one or two things. Right at the start there was Hoopoe on a wire. The sun was in the wrong place for a great photograph, but I still rather like the image.Hoopoe

We decided not to follow the usual path through the village of Álamo, but instead followed our noses up one of the main tracks. The climb felt much easier albeit without the views, and so it wasn’t long before we found ourselves back on the official route and we spied in the distance what at first I thought were cattle.Sheep high on the hill top

Unusual I thought to see cattle here in the Curral Velho, but when I zoomed in I realised of course they were sheep! Not sure what breed they are, but the short hair and lack of black in their face suggests they are not Churra Algarvia.


It wasn’t long before we found ourselves halfway round and in the hamlet of Corte das Donas. We didn’t stop this time at the windmill as it was too early for lunch and also incredibly windy at the top of the hill. The views however are as glorious as ever from here, and there was plenty to amuse me in Corte das Donas – busy bees, new signs, and back gardens full of flowers and vegetables.


It is downward all the way from Corte das Donas, which was fortunate on Friday as for a while we were walking directly into the wind. Once we’d dropped down into the valley the wind all but disappeared and it was gloriously warm in the sun. Wasn’t long before we found a perfect spot in an Olive grove for our picnic. We could have easily stayed there for an hour or two, but I have learnt even on a short walk it is never sensible to sit down for too long. So before we became too settled we up and moving towards Laranjeiras. Well sort of moving as there so much to see here. The valley in which the Riberia Laranjeiras flows is full of olive groves and allotments, and always alive with birds.


We still haven’t got our timings quite right to finish the walk with lunch at Restaurante Cantarinha do Guadiana in Laranjeiras, so I still cannot share my own review. Instead on Friday we copied the pig who had escaped its enclosure and hot-footed it along the EM507-2 to the cafe in Guerreiros do Rio. However the pig didn’t get as far as us, despite me becoming sidetracked by trees, and so she missed out on the Sagres at Bar do Rio.


It made a nice end to a lovely stroll. One of these days though we will plan it so we can finish with lunch, and then this will be a perfect walk for Jo!

Author: BeckyB

It had been a good life walking, cooking, photographing, volunteering, blogging, and best of all spending time with MrB, family, & friends. Sadly it no longer is. Suddenly and unexpectedly I have become a widow.

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