Changing Light

Our Olhanese apartment block is not aesthetically pleasing from the outside, however inside it is fabulous as are the sea views from the balcony and roof. No wonder we return here year after year. A couple of years ago, when we were in an apartment closer to the sea, I decided to attempt to take a photograph at the same time every day.


After a day or two I struggled to make it exactly the same time and after a week or two I may have missed a day or two. Looking back into the archives though I see for about a month I did take a daily photograph. For some reason I have never got round to sharing the gallery, but then last weekend Jude at Travel Talk invited us to study light and how it changes over time and I immediately thought of my balcony views.

To be honest I think Jude was hoping we were returning to the same location at different times during the same day to compile our six shots. It is a bit of a challenge though for me to achieve that during Covid-19, specially when I am still in England! However I am hoping the next six photographs of the changing light of the same view over a period of time will do just as well. Interestingly the tide seems to affect how close the lighthouse appears as much as the light and the weather. Do you have a favourite?

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39 thoughts on “Changing Light

  1. Today it is lashing down,easterly breeze,the islands visible one moment,gone the next.
    The changes ,not just in colours,but in textures of water surface,the banding, at highish water,with the varying streams,fascinating.
    However ,the pollution prevents those sparkling colours seen so often in the med,particularly as the marina co.dredges years of yuck ,that hangs in the water and moves with tide.
    Happily the flamingo flocks,ignore this,and feed in the abandoned salt lagoons,joined recently in the shallowest by
    3 spoonbills.
    A glossy Ibis is about, while a small colony of black winged Stilts have moved to an exposed ridge in the active part of the salt pans.
    Thank heaven for the birds in semi lockdown!

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    1. ooh love those kind of days when they happen occasionally, just amazing to watch (if you are inside of course!!)

      and thank you so very much for the lovely birding updates. Great to know some things remain the same . . . we look forward to returning in the autumn



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