Views from the Upper Terrace

The final home of José Francisco da Silva had multiple terraces, ornate ceilings and even a grotto. Consequently it is a rather lovely place to while away an hour or two, or even longer if you have enough pennies for an overnight stay. It is a pousada so comes with a price tag. However it has become a favourite for ours for taking visitors to for a coffee or light lunch, so I thought you might like to visit too as part of Flashback Friday & SquareUp.

The post below is one of my very early ones so I almost hesitated in sharing it again. However thanks to a quick edit with the new block editor is looks much better and so please visit as it contains some great images of this amazing place. To visit click on photo or title below, and if you enjoy exploring that post do come back here to check out another two that look at the fountains and the azulejos in more detail. The latter, even if I say so myself, is fascinating.

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It had been a good life walking, cooking, photographing, volunteering, blogging, and best of all spending time with MrB, family, & friends. Sadly it no longer is. Suddenly and unexpectedly I have become a widow.

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