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Discovering Portugal – My husband and I first discovered the wonderful Portuguese approach to food and life in 2004 on Madeira. After many Madeirian holidays, we decided in 2013 it was about time we discovered mainland Portugal.

Our base – Our Portuguese sojourns tend to be in the winter, and so our base is in the south – Olhão in the Algarve. Olhão is a great location from which to explore the rest of the Algarve and southern Alentejo, and going further afield is not difficult as there is a railway station in the town and the airport is a 20minute drive away. So far we’ve explored Aveiro, Lisboa and Porto.

Our interests – We love hiking and are also keen birders so you’ll notice many of my posts are focused on Portugal’s natural beauty. We also love Portuguese food, and enjoy discovering its art, architecture and history so my posts as you can see via the ‘menu’ on the right cover a little bit of everything. Go on explore!

Finding Out More – For more information on places to stay, public transport and great blogs visit my useful links page. If you have any questions or just want to say hello simply fill out the form below, and if you are wondering how to pronounce Olhão check out this!


  1. I maintain this blog because I love sharing our Portuguese adventures with my fellow travellers, bloggers and visitors to Portugal. I also have to do something with all the photographs I take!  As much as I love writing and photography though I do not write original articles or share my photographs for money making websites for free. So please do not contact me for original writing or use my photographs unless you are prepared to pay for my research, time and creativity. Many thanks.
  2. When a visitor leaves a comment on this site, WordPress and Akismet collect that comment, and other information that the visitor provides along with the comment, such as the visitor’s name and email address. For more information on how they use this data visit here. I have no control over this.

Mime at the carnival

PS I also keep another blog for photo challenges and random things, it is called The Life of B.  

44 thoughts on “About me

  1. In the 1960s my family shared a house in the Algarve, in Lagos. We went there many times over a 10 year period and your blog is bringing back wonderful memories and making me delightfully nostalgic – I might just have to go there again – soon!


    1. oh I’m so pleased. I think you will find Lagos and the surrounding area has changed quite a bit over the intervening years but if you do return then take time to go east or inland and much may feel unchanged.

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  2. Awesome blog and wonderful photos. Congratulations. I have always said that blogs are best ones to get inside information about countries. I appreciate Your devoting to Portugal. This beautiful country offers its nature beauty and historic targets to be explored widely. Thank You. I have devoted only to one country in my posts, Finland.

    I have to be curious, have You learnt to speak Portuguese?


  3. Hi Becky
    I’ve just found your blog via I love Ohao on Facebook. We are on our third visit to Olhao since buying an apartment in October. We love it here – just need to find a way to work from home here instead of at the office in Leeds! Looking forward to exploring more of your blog, the other links and of course the area.

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    1. Hi Sue, so pleased you have found it and congratulations on buying an apartment. We still haven’t, and this must be our 6th or 7th visit and it has been a long one this latest visit so far 4months and still going! Really hope you find a way of managing remote working, Leeds is lovely (lived there for three years) but Olhão has sunshine, sea and fewer people. Enjoy exploring.

      Liked by 1 person


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