Not just us who have moved apartments

Eleven months ago we noticed that this pair of Common Kestrels (Peneireiro-vulgar) were investigating the local area, and last month we spotted they are still here. Sensibly however they have not taken up residence on the apartment roofs.

Kestrels on Chimney
Can you see them?

We are not too sure where they nest or even roost, however this abandoned chimney is a favourite perch during the day. It is one of only a few chimneys left in Olhão da Restauração, and looks quite different from all of the others. Every other abandoned chimney has a stork nest on the top, we are not entirely sure why this one hasn’t but presume the storks have not been able to bridge the gap at the top. It can’t be because the brick work needs repairs as there is a huge nest on a chimney not that far from this one, and that chimney looks like it will collapse at any moment. Fred Dibnah would be horrified!

These chimneys are a reminder of a once thriving sardine industry located along Olhão’s seafront. Most of the factories have long since gone, but there are a couple left. As you might expect though the factories that have survived are now in modern buildings and sadly have no need for brick chimneys.

The storks may not have been able to take up home here but the kestrels are here most days, just sitting and watching from one of their four perches. Occasional they swoop over the waste ground below, and once they put on a wonderful flight display. Unfortunately on that occasion I was too busy watching them to even think of grabbing the camera, likewise when there was a stork on the chimney and they were still perching below. However I did manage to capture this shot yesterday of one of them enjoying the thermals.Common Kestrel

The female is the one on the left below, she is larger than the male and doesn’t have his blue-grey cap. The two of them are not as vocal as they were last year, but maybe that is because they are settled or perhaps we will hear them more as spring approaches. In the meanwhile I am quite happy watching them on their chimney as they keep an eye on us all.Kestrel Watching

Author: BeckyB

It had been a good life walking, cooking, photographing, volunteering, blogging, and best of all spending time with MrB, family, & friends. Sadly it no longer is. Suddenly and unexpectedly I have become a widow.

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    1. You’ll have to nip out and stay with us! Then you can just sit in the sun on the balcony and watch them to your heart’s content 🙂

    1. Thanks Brian – we’re just so very fortunate to have good binoculars and cameras as otherwise they’d just be grey bumps on the chimney!

      1. We were disappointed the Children’s Carnival parade was called off but I’ve been feeding him caldo verde, spring rolls and bacalhau fritters so he’s full all over again. A new little step neice arrived this morning so everyone’s happy. You? X

        1. oh how lovely . . . the food and the step-niece 🙂 but no so good about the carnival. Hope you have more success tomorrow – we are going to try São Brás de Alportel tomorrow and then Moncarapacho on Tuesday – at least I think it is Tuesday!! Must check that.

        2. Went to Altura today. Our first time there and it was brilliant. And what weather after yesterday! Loule tomorrow and maybe Paderne on Tuesday but that will be a struggle because we’re walking and lunch at Sao Romao. Probably better not but that was one of my favourites xx

        3. oh my a busy few days! Looks like it is going to be even nicer tomorrow – which is perfect for the carnivals. Have fun and don’t get too carried away with all the dancing and photographing 🙂

        1. Sort of . . .but the fences are more to stop you getting into the surrounding area rather than protect you from a falling chimney. And the one by the railway line if it goes would fall directly onto the railway line or the road!

    1. We love it
      It’s not as precarious as the other one but I’m glad we’re too far away for it to come anywhere near us if it collapses!

    1. Thank you so much – must admit I am pleased with these captures. And yes we love watching them, have lost so much time just gazing out the window!!

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