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Olhão – Terra Cubista

Another reason to visit this wonderful fishing town

Every tour guide will mention four things about Olhão da Restauração – the fishing industry, its fabulous weekday and Saturday markets, the easy access to the Ria Formosa and its cubes. It has taken me though four years to mention the latter!

Model of one of Olhao’s cubist buildings, with a copy of a Roberto Nobre sketch behind

It was the cubist buildings which brought many well known Portuguese artists, writers and photographers to Olhão in the first half of the last century. Built in the 18th century, probably inspired by Moroccan architecture, the old part of the city is a geometric delight. The gallery below is all the work of Roberto Nobre, a Portuguese film critic and painter.

These days the vast majority of tourists head west for the beaches and the golf. I though will remain in the east with Faro’s Cidade Velha, Tavira’s ‘roman bridge’ and roofs, and Olhão’s unique and wonderful 18th century cubes. For those who do make it here I imagine many would say something similar to the writer José Dias Sancho, whose description of Olhão’s cubes can be found in the gallery below .

All of these photographs and art can be currently found in Olhão’s museum. Thank you again to Portugal Up Close for bringing it to our attention. It isn’t a large exhibition but certainly well popping in if you are visiting Olhão.


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  3. It’s such an exotic style isn’t it?

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